Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup 2006

Hello World !!!

The matches are getting real exciting in the World Cup.

Argentina decimated the Serbs 6-0. This Argentinan team is playing wonderful football.
They got a formidable line-up - Crespo, Tevez, Messi, Sorin, Riquelme, Aimar. All gifted players. With the tag of favourites assigned to the Brazilians, they have no pressure whatsoever.
I think they should lift the Cup in Germany this time. Good to see Diego Maradona in the stands cheering them on.

Ghana caused a major upset by beating Czech Republic on Saturday. Ivory Coast were unlucky to lose to Holland. These Africans team have performed quite well.

Brazil were again crappy in their 2nd match against the Aussies. Ronaldo played better then in the last game; but he looks jaded. I hope the coach starts with Robinho in the next match.

Happy viewing !!! Cheers !!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

World cup blues !

Hello World !!!

Its been really hectic since the World cup has started.
The matches are at 6.30 - 9.30 and 12.30am.
The last game finishes by 3am...and have to rush to work in the mornings by 9am.
But Im really enjoying it... after all the World Cup comes once in 4 years right.

Looking forward to some exciting matches tonite -

16 Jun ARG : SCG 15:00 -
Can Argentina seal victory and top the pool. Im hoping they do...

16 Jun NED : CIV 18:00
I expect a very tight game here. Ivory Coast might just surprise the Dutch.

16 Jun MEX : ANG 21:00 Mexico should win this one.

What are your predictions folks ?

Have a nice week-end !

Monday, June 12, 2006

The heat is certainly ON

The heat is certainly ON.The matches so far have been entertaining.One remarkable thing which i noticed is the gap between the big teams like England/Sweden/Holland and the smaller teams like Ecuador/Iran/Paraguay has certainly diminished. No team can take any team lightly. Look what happened to Sweden - could'nt score a goal in 90 minutes.

Germany kicked up the campaign in style by winning against Costa Rica 4-2. It was an open free - flowing attacking game.England were lucky to get away with a win with Paraguay. Owen/Crouch pair is a big flop - guess they have to try Walcott at some time.
Holland vs. Serbia was a entertaining game - Robben was all over the place.
Argentina fought hard for their win against the physical Ivory Coast.
Mexico - Iran was again a good game.
Portugal were unimpressive against Angola.
Mouth watering clash today -USA vs. Czech Republic
Italy vs. Ghana
My prediction Ghana is going to upset Italy today !!!
Watch out guys !!!
Cheers !!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Its a bloody pain...

Hello World !!!
Has been a hectic weekend.
Busy with shifting to a new place.
Finally everything has been shifted.
Will get sometime to arrange everything though.
This place is a 2 bedroom flat in a good locality away from
the hustle bustle of the main road of my previous house.

Bad new - last week my friend borrowed my bike and met
with an accident on the highway.
Poor fellow has got a broken hip and fractured leg.
Now have to do the running around for getting the bike out of the station
and then running around for insurance.
Its a bloody pain...