Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Things I love

Hello World !!!

Firstly Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all !!!

After the Hate list - its now time for the Love list -

Things I love -

1. Chilled beer when its really hot.
2. Hot Tea on a chilly morning.
3. Watching any Sports event Live or on TV.
4. Listening to some music before i set out of the house.(Gets you in the rhythm)
5. Seafood- prawns, squids, oysters... Hmmm....
6. Lazing around on Sundays - doing absolutely nothing.
7. Changing channels on TV - start watching a movie and end with watching another movie in the end apart from many other glimpses of News, Discovery, Sports in between.
8. The fresh air of the countyside.
9. Love driving on empty roads.
10. Goa - sun, sand , sea and seista.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Things I hate

Hello World !!!

Another Monday !

Things I hate -

1. Standing in a Queue.
2. Give a bribe.
3. Traffic jams.
4. Waiting for someone beyond the agreed upon time.
5. Rash drivers.
6. People talking loudly on their mobile.
7. People who crib all the time.
8. Misers who always feast on your money.
9. People who love insulting others in front of a crowd.
10. Show-offs

Have a nice week ahead ! Cheers !!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

: > Good girl < :

Hello World !!!

Long time since I blogged. Been quite lazy of late.

Last week my friend got married.
I was given the responsibility of overseeing all the proceedings.
By God it was a hell of a task - checking that the Hall decoration was perfect,
the catering, the arrangement for the Band, the Bar.
Running around for all these was really tiring.
But well someone has to handle this for the smooth running of the wedding.

Got tired of everybody asking me the same question -
"When are you getting married ?"
Marriage is no joke and well you need a girl - a good girl correction to get married right ?
God help me find a good girl. Amen.

Cheers !!!