Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Third Front

Just hope that the Third Front does not play any major role in forming the next Govt.Else any good resolutions cannot be implemented. Say the Nuclear deal with US. The Left blindly did'nt want it to go ahead. Luckily some MP's switched sides to let this bill pass else we would still have been in the dark ages with No Power. Really cant understand how these politicians take us for a ride. India's growth is directly dependent on power and already we are falling short.... and in the coming years its going to be a real crunch... Nuclear power generation was the only way... and without us signing the NPT - we would not get the Nuclear fuel for our plants... After signing the deal, the first assignment of Nuclear fuel(Enriched Uranium) from France is on its way now... Cant imagine what would have happened without this... knowing that our Nuclear plants already built with so much investment but cant be used because we did'nt have fuel.... the one in Kaiga in Karnataka is lying ideal for more than 2 years,...
Hello World !!!
Im back after a long hiatus.
Was stuck in a team of idiots for the last 1 year.
Finally God answered my prayers and Im free from them.
Thank U God ! Thank U God ! Thank U God !