Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Floyd Landis wins Tour de France 2006

Hello World !!!

Floyd Landis won Tour de France 2006 - although it was a depleted field with last years 2nd and 3rd placed riders Ivan Basso and Jans Ullrich out in a doping scandal.

Whats stunning is that he was suffering from a hip injury.

The powerful performance of Landis up to Stage 16 of the Tour de France and his comeback in Stage 17 are all the more remarkable given that he is afflicted with a hip ailment, osteonecrosis, which was revealed in an article in The New York Times during the 2006 Tour de France.[5] This deterioriation of the ball of his right hip was caused by the cutting off of the blood supply to the ball when scar tissue began to close off blood vessels after a femoral neck fracture sustained in a bicycle crash during a training ride near his Southern California home in October 2002. Landis kept the ailment secret from his teammates, rivals, and the media until an announcement made while the 2006 Tour was underway.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Preferences !!!

Hello World !!!

Some things I prefer -

1. Tea over Coffee

2. Black over White

3. Blue over Red

4. Casuals over Formals

5. Summer over Winter

6. Two wheeler over Four wheeler

7. Whiskey over Brandy

8. Coke over Pepsi

9. Continental over Chinese

10. Train over Bus

Well - what are your preferences folks ???

Cheers !!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

greatest show on earth is over

The greatest show on earth is over.
All in all it was an interesting world cup.

Especially in the group stages - we were treated to some vintage attacking football resulting in a flurry of goals. But sadly in the knockout stage the coaches took over resulting in Defensive football with hardly any goals and most of the games went to penalties.

It would have been great if some Latin American team like Brazil or Argentina would have reached the semis, or even some African team would have been good. The two best European teams playing attacking football - Holland and Czech. Republic also went out and we got to see boring football in the semis. and finals.

Its a long wait till the next world cup !!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

world cup is over

Hello World !!!

The Quaterfinals of the World cup has been a big letdown.
The Favourites - Brazil, Argentina and England are out.

Brazil and England - the two most high profiled teams with
an array of stars did'nt click at all. No wonder they have crashed out.

Argentina was one team which was playing free flowing attractive football;
but they lost to the hosts Germany due to poor insight on part of their coach Pekerman.
Leading 1-0 upto the last 10 minutes and dominating the game, the coach did
a blunder by removing Riquelme who was controlling the midfield beautifully
and replaced him with a defensive midfielder - this swung the game as the
Germans attacked and managed to score. To add to their wounds the Argentinan
goalkeeper was injured & had to be replaced - so no room for Messi in extra time
as their substitutions were over.

The semi-final lineup now is -
Germany vs. Italy
France vs. Portugal

All 4 European teams. My interest in this world cup is over now.

Cheers !!!