Friday, June 16, 2006

World cup blues !

Hello World !!!

Its been really hectic since the World cup has started.
The matches are at 6.30 - 9.30 and 12.30am.
The last game finishes by 3am...and have to rush to work in the mornings by 9am.
But Im really enjoying it... after all the World Cup comes once in 4 years right.

Looking forward to some exciting matches tonite -

16 Jun ARG : SCG 15:00 -
Can Argentina seal victory and top the pool. Im hoping they do...

16 Jun NED : CIV 18:00
I expect a very tight game here. Ivory Coast might just surprise the Dutch.

16 Jun MEX : ANG 21:00 Mexico should win this one.

What are your predictions folks ?

Have a nice week-end !


Blogger Id it is said...

The Ivory Coast vs Nethherlands game was terrific. Ivory Coast really deservd to tie!
Angola vs Mexico though not as thrilling as the earlier one, ended in a tie; the Angolan goal keeper did a great job; also the man of the match.
Let's hope the US puts up some kind of a fight against Italy tomorrow.

4:55 AM  
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