Wednesday, May 03, 2006

1986 - Mexico - my first world cup

Hello World !!!
The Football World Cup starts in Germany on June 10th.
This is one event I would never give a miss.

It all started in 1986 - Mexico - my first world cup. The entire world cup month was spent talking only football in school. We had to stay awake late to watch the matches.

It happened to be Maradona's world cup with Argentina beating Germany in the finals 3-2 after leading 2-0 in the first half. But the Germans never give up without a fight and levelled the score 2-2 midway through the 2nd half. But Argentina scored the winning goal to win the world cup.

This world cup produced some amazing matches. I still remember Maradona scoring the famous " Hand of God" goal against England in the quater finals. The English goal - keeper Peter Shilton protested with the Ref. and Linesman but the goal stood as they had not spotted the foul and this goal will remain in the annals of history as the "Hand of God".

Cameroon was a surprise package in this world cup with veteran striker Roger Milla scoring goals as a substitute to make quite an impact.

Important players i can recall at this world cup -
1. Butragueno (the vulture) for Spain
2. Carlos Valderamma of Colombia with the dreadlocks
3. Enzo Scifo of Spain
4. Karl Heinz Rumminege of Germany
5. Gary Linekar of England
6. Enzo Francescoli of Uruguay
7. Socrates/Zico/Careca/Falcao of Brazil
8. Michel Platini and Jean Tigana of France


Blogger Id it is said...

The contdown begins...
Can't wait for it to start.

3:25 AM  
Blogger Unaiza Nasim said...

Im glad that blogspots back in pakistan..
so while u wud b watching the cup i wud b bz blogging:)

5:39 PM  
Blogger Abhinav said...

not much into football but i can see ur excitement :)

9:09 AM  

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