Wednesday, March 29, 2006

20 Questions to answer !!!

20 Questions to answer !!!
Let me answer first...
Everybody Join the Fun and answer :)

1.What time of the day is it at your end right now?
- Bangalore, INDIA 1:14pm

2.What did you last eat?
- Bread Butter/Sweet Lime juice for Breakfast

3.What are you wearing right now?
- White cotton T-shirt with blue jeans.

4.What was your weekend like?
- Eat, Drink, Sleep, with Lots of TV thrown in.

5.What's your favorite animal?
- Horse.

6.What's your favorite time of the day?
- Evening.

7.Who did you last kiss?
- My Tea cup ;)

8.Did you see any cute guy/gal today?
- Yes a lovely girl wearing dark glares riding a Honda activa - who overtook me whilst coming to office.

9.When did you last speak to your mum/dad/dear ones?
- Day before Y'day.

10.When did you last have an argument and have you patched up?
- Dont remember...that reminds me I need to argue I guess.

11.Who/what cant you live without?
- My parents, near n dear ones n all loving ppl around me.

12.Are you in love right now?
- No.

13.Whats your favourite movie/TV programme?
- Sholay/The wonder years.

14.Have you ever loved someone who's already taken?
- Nope never...!

15.Whats your favourite color ?
- Black. Bad guys always wear black remember.

16.How do you watch TV?
- On the couch.

17.What do you need right now?-
An A.C (the heat is killing me).

18.What's your favorite sense?
- Sight.

19.Where would be the the ideal spot to be with someone you love?
- Home sweet home...

20.What's closest to your bed?
- The closet


Anonymous Razib Ahmed said...

This is the beauty of south Asian culture. We love
to live with our parents and we always try to support our family. Bangladesh,
India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka- in these four countries, many people live from
the money sent by their relatives who are working very hard in middle east and
the west.

4:23 PM  
Blogger venus said...

u reminded me of sweet lime juice, ohh how much i miss it!

6:48 AM  

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