Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Hello WOrld !!!
The Australian open is On.
Serena Williams is simply sexy in her new outfit ....
She has got a lovely bod...gets ur juices flowing...hmmm
Posting a snap of her.
WHo will win this year????
Roger Federer is unstoppable i think..
Womens - Serena Williams....
The PHL is going on in India.
Thats the Premier Hockey League.
Its a 5 team format,the teams being -
1. Maratha Warriors
2. Bangalore Hi-Fliers
3. Chennai Veerans
4. Sher e Jalandhar
5. Hyderabad Sultans

The results so far :

13th Jan Sher E Jalandhar 0 - 1 Hyderabad Sultans

14th Jan Maratha Warriors 5 - 2 Chennai Veerans

15th Jan Bangalore Hi Fliers 1 - 2 Sher E Jalandhar

16th Jan Bangalore Hi Fliers 3 - 2 Chennai Veerans


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