Monday, January 17, 2005

Hello World !!!
Monday morning blues...
After 3 days of holidays its back to work.
Friday was Pongal - i.e New Year in the Hindu calendar.
Went on a date to Cubbon Park.
Had a nice time.
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Went to friends place in the evening for Pongal.
Drank till morning 5 am.
I drink more when I know next day is a holiday.
Saturday got up late. Got a call my friends family to
join them for picnic. Had a nice time with the kids.
I adore kids. They are so carefree, no bother of the world.
Always asking so many questions.
They make you forget evrything about everything.
BFN. Cheers. Have fun everybody.
So far, so good , so what ?????
Listening to Megadeth , its from D album "Youthanasia"
Like it when im in a angry mood....Grrrrrr.....

I'm doing you a favor

As I'm taking all your money
I guess I should feel sorry
But I don't even trust me
There's bad news creeping up
And you feel a sudden chill
How do you do? My name is trouble
I'm coming in for the kill...
And you know I will

Set the ball A-Rollin
I'll be clicking off the miles
On the train of consequences
My boxcar life O' style
My thinking is derailed
I'm tied up to the tracks
The train of consequences
There ain't no turning back

No horse ever ran as fast
As the money that you bet
I'm blowing on my cards
And I play them to my chest
Life's fabric is corrupt
Shot through with corroded thread
As for me I hocked my brains
Packed my bags and headed west


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