Monday, January 10, 2005

Hello World !!!
Another Monday morning...
Drag back to work...
Had a good week-end.
Went pub hopping on Saturday night with
an old friend who had come from my hometown.
Finished drinking at 2.30 am....
Totally sloshed...Dont remember anything...
Got up late Sunday afternoon...
Had a Hangover. Went straight to the bar
N' had a beer to get the hangover out.
It works ... Felt Good.

Word of the Day

putsch \PUCH ('u' as in 'push')\, noun:
A secretly planned and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government.
Ex : Hitler operated from Munich where he enjoyed a fair degree
of support, and it was here that his Putsch took place in
an effort to seize power in Bavaria.

lubricious \loo-BRISH-us\, adjective:
1. Lustful; lewd.
2. Stimulating or appealing to sexual desire or imagination.
3. Having a slippery or smooth quality.

Example - [T]he heroine, through some form of ESP, can hear, and be offended by, the lubricious speculations going on inside the heads of the men she meets. _________________________________________________________
Lubricious derives from Latin lubricus, "slippery, smooth."


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