Thursday, December 09, 2004

Threinody !!

Hello World !!!
Went for a Rock concert yesterday at Cubbon Park.
The Band "Threinody" were performing.
This band is a heavy metal band comprising of -
Siddhart - Lead Singer/Bass/Rhythm
Premik - Lead Guitarist
Satish - Drums
I met Satish through a common friend last year.
Used to go for their Jam sessions last year.
Never happened to see them live.
So after a long time I finally saw them live.
They played lots of their own compositions.
I liked the way they played - " Children of the Grave" - by Black Sabbath.
They have come out with their own CD - "Threinody"
with 18 songs.
I liked one song from that "Alone Again"; infact I liked it
when they used to practice it in the Jam sessions.
Have Fun !!!
Cheers !!!

It's cold where I come from
It's even colder where I'm going
The blizzards from my past have frozen me
I've ceased to dream
Just leave me be in my
Eternal isolation
Cherish this non-existence
Never violate my being again
But why can't I hear the past weep
For the things I've tried to forgetwhen it's all done and said
I've tried to throw away the key
But somebody always brings it back to me
I cannot see those colours now
My eyes have become impervious to light
The walls are closing in
I feel, but I cannot touch
This journey had to end
The man became a boy again
He ceased to struggle, he ceased to dream
He ceased to kick, he ceased to scream
Don't say it's beginning
Tell me it's ending
Is my past the future
Is my present the past


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