Thursday, December 02, 2004

Some guys have all the luck

Hello World !!!

Some guys have all the luck.
Some guys have all the fun.
And some guys do nothing, nothing yeah.
How true !!!
There's a friend of mine who works as a Waiter
in a beach resort in Goa. He is so lucky with girls.
Last season he got friendly with a lady from Germany.
Spent 3 months with her touring the country.
Season before that lady from U.K.
This season lady from Russia.
He is supposed to fly to Russia with her.
She is arranging everything - money, stay,etc.
for him in Moscow.
Certainly some guys have all the luck.

Word of the day

contretemps \KAHN-truh-tahn\, noun; plural contretemps \-tahnz\:
An inopportune or embarrassing situation or event; a hitch.

Eg: Mrs. Post was the center of a notable contretemps when she
spilled a spoonful of berries at a dinner of the Gourmet.


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