Monday, December 06, 2004

Cristiano De Lima Junior

Hello world !!!
Heartfelt sympathies to Cristiano De Lima Junior's family.
Dempo vs Mohun Bagan final.
Cristiano De Lima Junior from Brazil playing for Dempo, Goa
scores the 2nd goal and i watch him
as he goes to celebrate on the touchline N' falls.
Im at the other end of the stadium celebrating the goal,
but I see his fellow players frantically calling the Ref.
to call for medical help. My first reaction was that he
got injured when his team mate might have jumped on him
accidentally. But when the game got delayed for 20 minutes N'
he was taken out of the stadium in the ambulance - I felt something
was terribly wrong. The game over - I went home.
In the evening I was shocked to hear of his death.
Such a young athletic footballer of 25 years dies - its tragic.
He was the Indian National Football League highest scorer last year.
Such a huge loss to Indian football.
I read in the papers that there were no proper medical facilities in
the ambulance N' he could have been saved if not for it.
Shows the apathy of Indian football.
Basic facilities are not available.
Cristiano De Lima Junior- "May his soul rest in peace"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am kindda lost...:)

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