Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Super Series Test match

Hello world !!!
As expected the World XI was crushed by the Aussies
in the Super Series Test match as well.
Pity watching such a strong batting line-up fall to pieces -
Lara, Inzy, Kallis, Smith, Sehwag, Dravid, Flintoff - all came up noughts.
It seems the team was not inspired as they are when the yare playing for their
respective countries - what bloody bullshit.
What better inspiration to represent the World I ask ?
My friend has come from Goa - will tell U an interesting story about him
next time round.
It rained cats n dogs y'day - was totally drenched by the time I reached home.
Bangalore roads firstly cant handle the traffic and if it rains
the drains cant handle the waterflow and you get waterclogged roads
making it undrivable - got stuck for two hours in the rains. Pathetic.
Hope it does'nt rain today - but can already see black clouds out of the window.
Have a nice week folks !!!
Cheers !!!


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