Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Hello world !!!
Hip hip hurray !!!
Our team won the Football tournament organised by our employees
over the week-end. We won all our pool matches to reach the finals.
In the finals yours truly scored a goal in each half to put the match
beyond the opposition's reach. It was fun to play Football after 5 years.
My legs are still paining.

Our team name FC LBC playing against Lions.
We beat the Lions in their own den ;)

This is the analysis of the final match by the commentator -

Lions were still confident even when their captain is injured.
They had only 5 players so couldn't opt for a substitute.
FC LBC captain knowing full well this would be a big game
planned for a very good strategy. For the first 5 minutes,
the game was equally poised. Both the teams had equal possession.
At this moment, there was a substitution.
Enter the captain of FC LBC. The goal keeper of Lions does a
simple mistake rolling the ball to the FC LBC captain.
With no mercy did the FC LBC captain rushed the ball
towards the goal post to lead the game 1-0 during the first half.
The exhausted Lions continued to taunt the FC LBC in their second half
with few kicks on to the goal. The FC LBC goal keeper reassured
their team that the game has not slipped out of their game.
At about 5 minutes to the end of the game,
came a match winning goal from the FC LBC captain dodging the defenders of WhoLetTheLionsOut, hit straight to the goal keeper with full force.
The goal keeper however stopped the ball.
It jumped out of the goal keeper's hands went high above his head
and landed inside the goal area. FC LBC was confirmed winners by that time.
Lions were out and exhausted.
The game comes to a conclusion with a long whistle from the referee.

FC LBC beat WhoLetTheLionsOut 2-0
to win the Winter Cup Football tournament.

Cheers !!!


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Blogger venus said...

congratulations on your victory agains Lions!

1:04 AM  

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