Friday, September 09, 2005

All Tied Up

Hello world !!!
Pretty tied up at work, hence could'nt update my blog folks.
So how's everybody doing lately ???
The Last test match b/w England and Australia is ON,
with England leading 2-1, the Aussies need to win this one to retain the Ashes
else it will be after 18 years that England can lay their hands on the urn.
England were 318-7 at stumps on the first day.
My money is on England. C'mon your time is come to beat the Champs.
I got a TV in the house now - so I will be following all the sporting action
from now on as and when they happen. Its been almost 5 years
since I watched regular TV. Phew !!!
That reminds me its the week-end....
What are your plans for the week-end folks ???
Have a gr8 week-end !!!
Cheers !!!


Blogger Mona said...

hahaha you really like soccer, don't you ?
Have a nice weekend too ... I think I am planning to have spa and shopping for relaxing after hard working in the office :P

4:27 PM  
Blogger bablu said...

ha ha U stumped me on this one surely. Hope you had a lovely week-end. What did you shop ?

12:32 PM  

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