Friday, August 05, 2005


Hello World !!!
After losing the first test at Lords.
England are on top in the 2nd test on Day 1 at Edgbaston.
They have scored 407 - Australia are supposed to bat today.
Although you cant underestimate the Aussie batting,
I would like Australia to lose this test match
so there is some contest in this Ashes series -
but one man who can turn the match on its head is Warne.
Looking forward to enjoying the match this week-end.
It will be a interesting contest whatever be the outcome.
So folks have a nice week-end.
Cheers !!!


Blogger paddy said...

oh ya seems to be a really tough contest but i wonder what wud have happened had mgrath had been playing
cud they still have played that agressively
whatever thats what u expect when to top teams compete...

warne is certainly the only person who can change this match
only he can catch the most most alert of batsmen napping

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11:51 AM  

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