Monday, August 09, 2004

Mondays !!!

Mondays ! I dont like Mondays !!! (I cant think anybody who does either)
Well Its damn boring to get up in D morning and drag urself to work.
N get stuck in d traffic snarl. Bangalore has become really crowded.
By the time U reach work..your eyes are watering... nose is sneezing....
n ears r reverberating with all d high decibels of sound.
First thing should be banned R d old Autos..they r responsible for d most pollution - both d smoke they emit n d sound they make. Well lazed around on d weekend.
Did nothing but sleep...sleep...n more sleep.
Yahoo messenger is really neat...Yahoo webcast is d best thing which has happened to it.
Listen to ur favorite genre of music... all d time...
Right now Im listening to :
POISON -Every rose has its thorn.
We both lie silently stillIn the dead of the nightAlthough we both lie close togetherWe feel miles apart inside
Was it something I said or something I didDid my words not come out rightThough I tried not to hurt youThough I triedBut I guess that’s why they say
Chorus:Every rose has it’s thornJust like every night has it’s dawnJust like every cowboy sings his sad, sad songEvery rose has it’s thorn
Yeah it does
I listen to our favorite songPlaying on the radioHear the dj say loves a game of easy come andEasy goBut I wonder does he knowHas he ever felt like thisAnd I know that you’d be here right nowIf I could have let you know somehowI guess
Though it’s been a while nowI can still feel so much painLike a knife that cuts you the wound healsBut the scar, that scar remains
I know I could have saved a love that nightIf I’d known what to sayInstead of makin’ loveWe both made our separate ways
But now I hear you found somebody newAnd that I never meant that much to youTo hear that tears me up insideAnd to see you cuts me like a knifeI guess


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