Monday, February 06, 2006

Bangalore Lions

Hello World !!!
How was the week-end folks ???
I just about eased out watching TV at home.
Caught up some EPL football after a long time.
My favorite team Arsenal won on Saturday.
Y'day was teh big match b/w Liverpool and Chelsea.
A big letdown. Liverpool dominated the first half but could not score.
They do lack a quality forwad. Still playing the long ball with the 7 footer Crouch
as the forward wont help them. Chelsea played good in the second half with
Robben, Crespo and Joe Cole proving quite a handful for the Liverpool defence.
Meanwhile last week - "Bangalore Lions" won the PHL(Premier Hockey League)
beating the home Favorites "Chandigarh Lions" in the best of 3 finals 2-1.
Thats all for now ...
Have a nice weekend folks !!!


Blogger rajdeep said...

I'm not really a football fan but I choose either Liverpool or Manchester Utd when they have matches depending on who wins (my cousins are either Liverpool supporters or Man U supporters so I just pretend I'm fan of both :p)

11:19 PM  
Blogger Id it is said...

I force watched the Superbowl, because that's all that you can do on that weekend. A Superbowl mania! Incidentally, the Pittsburg Stealers won.

2:43 AM  

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