Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My Top Five Favorite War Movies

Hello World !!!

My Top Five Favorite War Movies ->

1. The Great Escape.
My all time favorite. The way they build a tunnel - Steve Mcqueen on the bike on the border - Playing Football - Pele - Sylvester Stallone as goalkeeper. Too bad everybody gets caught in the end.

2. Guns of Navrone.
Gregory Peck at his best.

3. Where Eagles dare.
Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton at their best.

4. The Dirty Dozen.

5. Bridge over the river Kwai.

All these movies are Old. I did'nt watch much newer movies,
but ones which got rave reviews are -

Schindlers list.
Saving Private Ryan.

Check out this website for your favorites -
be it Comedy, war, classic or art.


Have fun :) Cheers ;)


Blogger Nupur said...

how u doin'?!

I really like "We were Soldiers!" - Mel Gibson is awesome in it!

8:00 PM  

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