Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mumma Mia Paisa Diya

Hello world !!!

"Mumma Mia Paisa Diya"
My usual dialogue at home when i needed money.
She used to always tell me to watch my spending.
Even if I give you 1 lakh, you will spend in oneday she scolded.
How true I'm a total spendthrift,
money just does not seem to stick to me.
My thinking has always been that -
What do you do when your hands are dirty ??
You wash them right.
So my philosophy is that money is dirt,
you have to wash them(spend) to come clean.
How do people save ??? and for what ???
I agree save for the worse times,
but most people are misers, they cut down on
their eating, no partying, no shopping, no pubs,
no discs, no concerts, no plays theatre cinema.
Cmon why are you earning for,
please go out and enjoy. Saving for a rainy day is good,
but not at the expense of your enjoyment.
OF what use is the money if you are not there tomorrow ???
"Go out and enjoy, dont think about tomorrow."
Cheers !!!


Blogger venus said...

whoa whoa whoa
when you are young, single, you don't have anyone to worry about. But wait for when you are not single anymore, you'll also fall in the same line. I don't believe in spending everything, but I do enjoy life. Another solution is: spend more => earn more.

8:42 PM  

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