Friday, April 29, 2005

Miss M

Hello world !!!
Its Friday ... Its the week-end !!!
Its month end too.
Too bad 1st May Labour day falls on a Sunday.
One holiday lost.
My friend celebrates his b'day on 1st May.
But his away sailing on a cruiseliner in the Caribbean.
I dont know how to contact him. But usually
he calls me on his B'day coz he knows he is inaccessable.
Anyways Happy Birthday "Rony". Get married soon.
Reminds that its been a year since I met a girl lets call her "Miss M".
I met Miss M on the chat and we hit off instantly.
She was from another city, but when she came to look for
work in my city we decided to meet up and hit off instantly.
Miss M was a bindaas tomboyish girl. Everyday I used to take her out
for interviews, she used to come home cook, we used to
eat together then I used drop her to her PG at night.
She got a job after one month and she got busy with work.
But we used to talk to each other and meet on week-ends.
We became good friends.
But then suddenly oneday she vanished.
No phone nothing. I was worried.
Then after two months she called me saying
that she has left the city and relocated.
I remember celebrating her b'da y last year.
May 2 - Miss M's bday. Happy B'day MissM.
So soon a year has passed by. Now I dont
have any news from Miss M nor her whereabouts.
Hoping she calls me sometime. I miss her.
What are your plans for the week-end folks ????
Have a nice week-end. Enjoy.
Cheers !!!


Blogger sal said...

Hey bablu... tell ya something..

In my country.. we have the Monday off. Hurray! It's a holiday! Hehehehe...

Have a lovely Sunday.

9:23 PM  
Blogger jon said...

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