Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Hello world !!!
Newspapers. Thats the first thing which I search for
when i get up every morning. My day is somewhat empty
unless i've read the morning paper mostly -"The Times of India".
I scan through the headlines and then go staight to the Sports pages.
Another must read is the comics section -
where I read Calvin&Hobbes, Garfield, Hagar the horrible,
Wizard of Id, Animal crackers.
But now for the last two months I've avoided reading
the papers totally and am feeling really good about it;
because I used to read some sad story which used to linger around
my mind for the entire day making me feel sad and blue.
Everyday you find more bad than good happening
in the world and that perks me no end - be it murder,
terrorism, rape, kidnapping, riots, arson, robberies....
The entire paper nowadays is filled with this filth,
leaving a bad taste in the mouth.
Today I read the paper and read about
how four bastards in a van kidnapped a woman
on the pretext of giving her a lift along with her children
and gang raped her. What the world is coming to?
Just the other day i read on somebody's blog about rape,
how rampant it is in India. Rapists should be hanged.
No two ways about it.
Have a nice day folks !!!
Cheers !!!


Anonymous jane said...

A drunken policeman in mumbai raped a minor... in a maidan.. Anyway, i dont personally like TOI.. HT suits me better.. they have better language better news.. And of course C&H

2:39 PM  

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