Thursday, November 17, 2005


Hello World !!!

Well yesterday's match b/w Bahrain and Trinidad
was ordinary to say the least. It did'nt live upto
my expectations. The football played was pathetic,
even school boys can play wit hmore imagination.
The biggest surprise result for me was The Aussies
beating Uruguay on penalties. Guus Hiddink their coach
is one lucky guy I think and will surely take them places in the World Cup
teh way he did with South Korea in the last World cup.
Nothing much happening nowadays.
Two of my Tarroti (means Sailor in Konkani) friends
have landed - looking forward to meeting them sometime soon.
But have to travel t o Bombay or Goa.
Bombay - Goa trips can leave a hole in thr pocket though.
Hoping to get them down to Bangalore.
Cheers !!!


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