Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Drunken Driving

Hello world !!!
Tuesday blues.
Feeling sleepy today.
Guess its the hangover from y'day's drinking.
Dont remember what time I slept off
or what I ate y'day night. Met a friend after a long time
and we went on a drinking binge.

Here's a joke to lighten things up ->
Staking out a notoriously rowdy bar for possible Drunken Driving violators,
a cop watched from his squad car as a fellow stumbled out the door,
tripped on the curb and tried 45 cars before opening
the door to his own and falling asleep on the front seat.
One by one, the drivers of the other cars drove off.
Finally, the sleeper woke up, started his car and began to leave.
The cop pulled him over and administered a Breathalyzer test.
When the results showed a 0.0 blood-alcohol level,
the puzzled policeman asked him how that was possible.
"Easy," was the reply. "Tonight was my turn to be the decoy


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a good one !!

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