Monday, April 04, 2005

Mithun da

Hello world !!!
Back to work after a good week-end.
Friday night went out partying with friendz.
Drank quite a bit - knowing Saturday is holiday.
Saturday went out on house hunt.
By God - B'lore house rent has spiralled like anything.
A decent 2 bedroom flat is anything 8k upwards.
I thought it would be around 6k. Now Im opting for
a 1 BHK flat, so the search is on.
Met with my friend and his G/F Saturday night.
Went to a PUB, the crowd was so lousy;
a guy got drunk and dancing all alone like a bloddy fool.
Uff - got pissed off, was supposed to get up and give him
a piece of my mind; but kept my cool.
My friend suggested lets get some tenners and go throw
it on him as they do in a Dance bar... That would have been fun.
Picked up some food and beer,went to my friends flat.
Watched some good Football-with beer, chicken tikka
and kalmi kebab. And at 3 pm just surfing the channels;
when i saw the news Flash that the Pope had passed away.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Switched the channels and bingo I see Mithun da..
Long since I had seen Mithun da's movie.
Name of the movie was Jallad - double role ...
Dont ask me - its a movie which will drive a
person out ofthe theatre swearing not to watch a movie again in his lifetime.
But I watch this movie for the fun of it,
Mithun da's clothes ..wah wah jawab nahi.
His unique dancing ... his dialogues ...his voice..
It makes me laugh to no end...
have a nice week ahead folks ...
Cheers !!!!!!


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