Thursday, March 17, 2005


Hello world !!!
School moulds a child's future.
The teachers imbibe the basics of life-
the way we behave, the way we talk,the right path, truth, honesty,
patience, perserverance, discipline, friendship and so many things.
I still cant forget the things some teachers have taught me when i was young.
Our school principal for example - Mr. Agnelo Pinto.
He was a strict man. Our school rules were that everybody
should wear cotton uniforms - b'coz those days cotton was cheap
and the poor could not afford other fabrics- so cotton it was.
It bought in a sense of oneness among the students.
Everybody irrespective of class, caste or color was above the rule.
Then there was our vice-principal who taught me grammer.
It was difficult to score more than 60 out of 100.
I remeber sharing the highest marks 53 - with two other students.
Out of 50 odd classmates - 40 had flunked the paper.
He was coincidently our Hockey coach too.
He taught me how to move with the ball on the flanks
as I was the left winger. And bingo i scored the winning
goal in the Inter school finals.
Memories memories memories....
School brings back so many memories...
Wish I was still back in school...those carefree days....
Cheers !!!


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