Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hello World !!!
Surprised to get a call from a childhood buddy.
Its been almost 4 years since I spoke to him.
He is married and blessed with a lovely daughter and working in Dubai.
Talking to him I thought about all the wonderful things we did
when we were kids. He was two years elder to me.
Play cricket - he was a good fast bowler aka Mcdermott,
with a real long run up. I used to bowl medium pace.
We used to organize matches every sunday and practice
every morning and evening without fail.
Such was the passion to get into the school team.
Hockey season - it used to be hockey.
Football season - football.
He was lucky to play in all the three sports in school,
I got to play only Hockey.
How time flies .... but memories last forever ...
Have fun people !!!


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